प्रधानाध्यापक पर जबरन संबंध बनाने का दबाव बनाने का शिक्षिका का आरोप

Teacher accused of pressurizing the headmaster to have a forced relationship

Teacher’s allegation, threat of suspension for not having relationship

There was a stir in the Basic Education Department when the matter came to the fore.

Dibiyapur / Kanchausi. A teacher of a council school in the area has accused the school headmaster of forcing her to have an illicit relationship. It is alleged that he has threatened to be suspended from the job if he does not make a relationship. The department has constituted a three-member committee to probe the matter.

In the complaint letter given at Dibiyapur police station, the teacher alleged that she was working as an assistant teacher. On August 8, the victim reached the school at the scheduled time. The Principal spoke indecent and indecent words to the victim. It was alleged that the headmaster used to pressurize the victim to have a relationship in the past. But the victim always opposed it. Due to protesting, the accused headmaster threatened to suspend him from the job. There has been a stir among council teachers after the teacher made serious allegations against the headmaster. The police department daily packages has said to investigate the matter and take action. Whereas BSA has constituted a three-member committee in this matter. The case is being investigated.

Said responsible — Controversy has come to the fore between the teachers in the school. A committee has been formed by the Basic Education Officer to investigate this. This includes Diet Spokesperson Kalpana Jaiswal, Block Education Officer Headquarters Awadhesh Sonkar and Auraiya’s Block Education cornhole distance Officer Ajay Vikram Singh. Action will be taken on the basis of the investigation report. Upendra Kumar Vishwakarma, Block Education Officer

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