Which is the Best Bank in NZ?

the best bank in NZ

Which is the Best Bank in NZ?

If you’re moving to New Zealand, it’s a good idea to get your finances sorted early. Most banks allow you to set up your account before you arrive, and most can link recurring payments to your new bank within five working days.

HSBC has been operating in NZ for over 30 years and allows you to open an account before you arrive provided that you meet their eligibility and document submission requirements.


HSBC is one of the most popular banks in New Zealand. It has an excellent reputation for its customer service and offers a variety of products. It is headquartered in Auckland City and has over 3,200 employees. The company also provides insurance-related goods and services. Glassdoor reviews say that the company is focused on work-life balance and has a friendly, welcoming culture.

In 2021, TSB won Consumer NZ’s People’s Choice award for banking. The bank offers an excellent value travel card that lets you load multiple currencies and exchange them at a fair rate. It also offers a modern and easy-to-use app.

All the main banks allow you to set up an account before arriving in New Zealand, although you will need proof of address and a passport to do so. The process should take five working days. Once you have an account, you can link your recurring payments to it through a simple online form.


TSB is the nation’s favourite bank according to an industry survey by Consumer New Zealand. The survey found that 82 per cent of TSB customers are very satisfied with their service. In addition, the bank offers a free EFTPOS card for all its accounts. This card can be used at ATMs and chip-and-pin machines in stores.

Founded in 1861, BNZ is one of New Zealand’s oldest banks. It offers a variety of banking services, including wealth management and multi-currency accounts. BNZ also provides credit cards, mortgages and auto loans. Its services are aimed mainly at expats in New Zealand. The company is headquartered in Auckland. Its subsidiary companies include Simplicity, Milford Funds and Generate Investment Management. Its services cover the domains of consumer banking, consumer wealth management, commercial, corporate and institutional banking as well as investment and insurance.


ANZ is one of the most well-known banks in New Zealand. It offers personal banking services, including savings accounts and transaction accounts. It also offers home loans, wealth management services, and insurance. It has a branch network that includes more than 250 locations.

The bank was founded in 1861, making it one of the oldest banks in the country. It also provides wealth management services and multi-currency accounts for expats.

In Consumer NZ’s latest bank customer satisfaction survey, smaller New Zealand-owned banks like the Co-operative Bank and TSB came out ahead of their bigger Australian-owned rivals, such as ANZ and Westpac. These banks are also known to offer lower fees and more competitive interest rates on their accounts. ANZ’s Free Up and Fast Forward Saver accounts, for example, do not charge a base fee or an electronic transaction fee.


TSB is one of the best banks for expats in New Zealand. It offers a variety of financial products, including mortgages, savings accounts, and insurance policies. However, its customer service isn’t the best. In a recent independent survey of service quality, it ranked 14th out of 20 banking providers.

You can open a bank account in New Zealand before your arrival, but you won’t be able to have full access until you show your ID at a branch. The majority of New Zealand banks are used to working with expats and are geared up to make the process as straightforward as possible for you. The banks also offer email query contact and toll-free phone numbers for overseas customers. They can even open your account remotely if you have a valid visa.


Kiwibank is the best bank in NZ for mortgages and home loans. It offers a range of home loan options, including fixed rates and variable rate mortgages. It also offers a unique feature called Linked Accounts, which allows you to offset your home loan with up to eight savings and everyday accounts. The balance of these accounts is ‘offset’ against your mortgage, so you pay less interest.

As a growing institution New Zealand Banks, Kiwibank faces increased project complexity and multiple stakeholders and requirements. To address these challenges, the team implemented Adobe Workfront. This solution standardizes marketing asset management and project request, approval, and reporting processes.

Employees at Kiwibank are generally satisfied with their workplace culture and coworkers. They rank the quality of their coworkers in the top 30% compared to similar sized companies on Comparably.

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